quickly discover the best information across the web

Why Collazz

Collazz was established to help end the repeated online research done by millions of users every day.

Whether you're searching for the best wedding cakes in the bay area, doing research on hybrid cars, or looking for the best startup tools - everyday there are hundreds or thousands of people researching the same topic and collecting similar information.

At Collazz we plan to bring this information together through crowdsourcing and simple yet powerful research platform.

How we do it

easily store information as you search online
we make it easy to save and organize
your information crowd sourced and ranked
we work to get you noticed
benefit from collaboration and structured content
the best info on the web together

Build value

The web contains great information that is ever evolving, but usually fragmented across dozens of sites.

While popular Q&A and curation sites are great for information, most research still requires searching dozens of sites with many combinations of search keywords to gather the content you need.

We believe there is a much better way than the tools we have today for users to collect and organize the right information across the web and maintain structure to keep it relevant and up to date over time.